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Assess Student Learning

Just as in a face-to-face environment, instructors in a remote course should craft assessments that not only allow students to demonstrate their acquired knowledge, skills, and attitudes, but also to inform future instruction and improve student success and retention. Assessments can be formative or summative in nature, graded or ungraded, but they should always be meaningful and tied to the learning objectives.


Formative assessments are ongoing throughout a course and can be incremental or sequential, building upon one another. This module offers types of formative assessments using online quizzes, peer discussion, incremental assignments to assess student learning in the remote environment. ​​

Design A Formative Assessment


Summative assessments are typically high-stakes and occur at the end of a course. Learn about different remote summative assessments, how to create a quiz in Canvas, and how to create an appropriate assessment.

Design a Summative Assessment

Grade and Provide Feedback

Learn more about the most important elements to providing effective feedback to your students during remote instruction and resources to support assessment implementation strategies.

Grade Student Work


One of the most effective ways to to foster integrity is to carefully plan assessments within the course. Learn more about how to incorporate additional safeguards against cheating through assessments that promote integrity.

Foster Integrity