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Dive Deeper

To support resiliency in this new form of teaching, the articles below take a deeper dive into the pedagogical strategies for instruction, engagement, and assessment. Check back here for more articles on remote teaching strategies.

Final Exams and Complex Assessments

November 18, 2020

There is no one way to conduct a final exam in a remote or online environment. Learn the key considerations and strategies for crafting exams and assessments unique for your course.

Part 1: Planning the Exam | Key considerations for crafting an  informed plan for your remote assessments
Part 2: Building the ExamRecommendations and suggestions for building your exam, including information on the tech options, how to scale for large classes, and more
Part 3: Ensuring Integrity in the ExamIntentionally build integrity into your exams, and learn if proctoring is right for your course


Asynchronous and/or Synchronous Instruction

October 29, 2020

One of the key decisions that instructors need to make when preparing to teach remote or online is how the instructional sessions will be formatted. You might hear this choice framed as synchronous vs. asynchronous, or real-time vs. record-and-review. The most effective courses combine use of both methods, which allows you to take advantage of the affordances that each modality provides.