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Grading and Providing Feedback

Your feedback to students is extremely important in the remote learning environment. As students won't have a regular class meeting to retrieve their work back from you, they will look to the Canvas LMS to review your feedback and in-line comments.


Providing timely feedback is important as we know that a 10-week course can move very quickly. Before students can begin developing their next assignment, they need to know from you or the TA how they are doing, if they are on the right track, what areas they should focus on improving. Providing this feedback in a timely fashion will coach them in time for the next milestone.


Communicate a clear criteria for which you are evaluating student work. The more specific you are, the more students will focus on improving in those areas.


Formative assessments provide you with an opportunity to point students towards the next goal. You can use in-line and end-comments to show students how to reach the next goal. Pointing students towards a goal also communicates a growth-mindset in which you believe in opportunity for improvement.


Make sure your comments are personalized to the learner. Each learner varies in their motivational pulls, learning ability, and modes of expression. As you take the time to review your students' work, make sure you address them by name and use language that would motivate them to improve. You can also vary your feedback style from text to video or audio depending on the method of personalization you want to communicate.

Tools: The Canvas Speedgrader will allow you to write in-line comments, end comments, and upload a media file.

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